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The Butterfly

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

Everyone has been made for some particular work and the desire for that work has been put in every heart.” ―Jalaluddin Rumi

The Butterfly hovered skilfully over the coral bellflowers. Energised by the warm rays of the sun, he gently perched his proboscis into the flower's bright pink depths. The Butterfly, called by nature to fulfil his pollinating purpose, fluttered gracefully to the next flower.

Though his perceptive wings made him aware of a distressing aura by which he was surrounded. It was not the danger of a predator that he observed. No, the Butterfly was engulfed with a strange feeling of sadness.

Then he saw her. She sat coiled up in an unhappy bundle. Even in her cocooned shelter, she looked vulnerable.

Despite his millions of years' wisdom, the Butterfly could not understand the creature's sad posture on such a beautiful day.

Mindfully, he flew a little closer. He did not want to scare the fragile figure.

"What is wrong, Woman," he asked.

She looked up. With a longing look in her eyes, she stared at the Butterfly's versatile wings.

"I am tired of being nothing."

The soulful Butterfly cringed at the sad note in her voice.

"There is no such thing," the Butterfly replied passionately. "Every living creature has a purpose. Look at the petite Ladybug. She is so much more than the beauty she brings to earth. Within her lies the strength to keep harmful insects at bay. And while Grasshoppers can do significant damage to a farmer's crops, they play a critical role in making the environment a safer place for plants and other animals to thrive."

The Butterfly explained patiently to the Woman that she had lost her earthly purpose. The only cure was to go on a journey to find it back. But the Woman exclaimed that it was not the appropriate time for traveling the world.

"Perhaps it is not the right time to travel the world," answered the Butterfly, "but LIFE is a never-ending journey. It could be a journey to see new places and meet far-away people, but it could also be a spiritual journey or an intellectual journey, or a journey to seek a wandering soul or a lost purpose. It could be a celebrating revisit to places and people of the past."

The Woman listened intently, and the Butterfly knew he should say no more. The small seed had been planted.

He asked the Woman for her name. She replied that her name was all the names of women who feel unneeded in this world.

And the Butterfly said that she has a worthy name to carry, and therefore a worthy purpose to seek.


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